Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh god.

This is why I don't wear glasses. I look weird with them. 
I didn't have time to do a sketch dump today. Too busy making up grades at the last minute so that I'll be eligible to participate in the school special events. Yeah, that yearbook salesweek. Anyway...glasses... Everything looks different now.  I can see in vivid detail and I no longer squint. I don't even feel the need to squint. I... I feel like it'd be wrong to squint now. It's strange. But I also notice the acne on everyone's faces. Holy crap everyone has so much acne. I go to an acne school. :c

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can't stop singing this song.

I don't have a sketch dump today, so here's something else to look at instead.

It's a lovely song. I have yet to be tired of it :3 ~

I got my new glasses today. Holy SHIT, they were expensive as fuck. $279.93 exactly. I was shocked. Last time I got glasses it was a little under $100. D:  Are lenses really that expensive to manufacture? I like that I have them though. I can see clearly again.
>My face when I put on the glasses
That reminds me, the woman looked really pale when I was looking at her without my glasses. I was probably staring blankly at her half the time, because she looked ghost white. Then I put my glasses on and I realized her face was buried in a pound of make up. D: I could see the... crumbles I suppose. It was a thick layer. And that mascara was so heavily applied.

I have to go buy supplies tomorrow for yearbook week. Hmm.... I want a cellphone. :c

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First sketchdump. It's pretty big. >:u

This is a sketchdump I began yesterday afternoon and finished this afternoon. It's pretty massive as you can see. Click on it. >:|

I doodled a while on that piece of paper, even though I should have been doing the comics for the school news paper. They still haven't installed the drivers for the scanner on the damned mac, and they won't let me download the necessary drivers because they don't think it's safe or something. 

Speaking of my journalism class, there's this short girl named Selmar that absolutely refuses to talk to me. We were working on yearbook decorations, and I asked her if the decorations needed to be color-coded. I asked her twice, and cleared my throat. She straight up ignored me. She's an artist, too. It's strictly anime-styled art. The simple looking kind. But nonetheless. I wonder if she doesn't like me for the reason that I'm artist. Well, I guess I'll never know. I don't really care to interact with people in school much anyway, except briefly. 

And in lunch, there's this group of black kids that are always free-styling loudly. I sit three tables away from them. Today they shouted "STOP LOOKING AT US YOU RACISTS!" And the otaku-looking girl kept getting irritated and shouting things back to them. Then the black group started free-styling again while banging loudly on the table. It was amusing, but I couldn't really make out if it was good or not because they kept laughing at 10 second intervals. 

I'm eating skittles right now.  

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Kaisu

I'll just leave this here. 
Okay, where to start... I'm Yamikaisu. I'd describe myself in further detail, but you'll understand what I'm like eventually. I'm thinking this blog will be my vault of sketch dumps. You'll find that I love to draw. c: 
I also might rant about stuff. But that won't be as frequent as my sketch dumps. 

And maybe stuff about brawl if I get my wii fixed any time soon. D: AAUGH

Yearbook week's coming up. That'll be a trip.