Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can't stop singing this song.

I don't have a sketch dump today, so here's something else to look at instead.

It's a lovely song. I have yet to be tired of it :3 ~

I got my new glasses today. Holy SHIT, they were expensive as fuck. $279.93 exactly. I was shocked. Last time I got glasses it was a little under $100. D:  Are lenses really that expensive to manufacture? I like that I have them though. I can see clearly again.
>My face when I put on the glasses
That reminds me, the woman looked really pale when I was looking at her without my glasses. I was probably staring blankly at her half the time, because she looked ghost white. Then I put my glasses on and I realized her face was buried in a pound of make up. D: I could see the... crumbles I suppose. It was a thick layer. And that mascara was so heavily applied.

I have to go buy supplies tomorrow for yearbook week. Hmm.... I want a cellphone. :c

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  1. That lady was sexy. You should be putting on AT LEAST that much makeup ERRDAY. Also, you should turn off CAPTCHA. >:C