Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story Projects and Ideas

I've been wanting to post these somewhere for some time. I have so many stories I want to work on but I never have enough time, patience, or enthusiasm to work on most of them. I'm sure they all have potential to be great stories, so I guess I'll get around to them sooner or later. Tell me what you guys think.

Yin Yang
I know, it's not a very creative title. In fact, I think this one is the least creative story I have in my projects, therefore I probably won't work on it. This story I started building when I was like 13, and the only reason it stood out to me was because of the designs. The story is pretty generic. It's about a guardian angel and a devil trying to gain trust of angels assigned to a human. The main character is a guy with a very bad attitude, and throughout the story it seems the guardian angel and the devil are trying to set him straight before he gets sent to hell. It mostly had the concept of the shoulder devil and shoulder angel though. Oh god, what was wrong with me? I like the designs anyway. Especially Yang's.  

This was made a little after Yin Yang if I remember correctly. Sometime in the far future, a technological genius scientist was desperate to fuse together a human's brain and the processing of a computer in an attempt to artificially enhance the human race. He couldn't acquire human test subject, so he used his own son. He did this by putting his son to "sleep" and putting his brain, heart, and other necessary organs into an artificially made body that wouldn't be affected by the electrical data being sent through the body. It worked. "Andro" could process thoughts as quickly as a computer could and could create code and send it in an instant when hooked up to other devices. Eventually, Andro could upgrade himself and began wanting to upgrade himself into a flawless and powerful robot. He ended up killing his dad. 

A rather unique story where the main character is dead the entire time. It takes place in the afterlife. In this afterlife, you have two kinds of people; the forgiven, and the unforgiven. The forgiven souls do not feel pain. They don't wonder or question. They don't seek answers. They are not curious. They don't remember anything from their past life, and don't feel any human emotion straying from that of comfort. The forgiven tend to play together, laugh, and sing simply because they are at peace. The unforgiven have full human consciousness. They retain their full memory, their emotions, and can still feel pain. The unforgiven have tails along with other horrific features, and can read the Angel's writings as if it were english. They are usually surrounded by nothing else but forgiven, leaving them with virtually no one to talk to or relate to. They usually end up going insane. Unforgiven can be heard by others, but can not hear their own voice. 

Den and Ben
This is a more comical series about two guys living in an apartment. They both have super powers and both hate each other. Dennis has superstrength and the power to heal quickly. Benjamin has telekinesis and can shoot lasers and create forcefields. This particular project I actually want to animate. I also created them to further exercise my alternate drawing style. 

Tartarus was my first attempt at a romantic story. Somehow it ended up being about demons and hell and stuff like that. :| But anywho, Tartarus is about a girl named Ester who was born with immortality (There's backstory behind that. ), and was chased after by the demons from Tartarus (the realm below hell, where demons live) because they wanted her energy. The only two who were initially willing to help Ester out were an Eagle, and a Cambion (half-incubus-half-human). In this story, animals pose as protectors of humans from demons. These animals can still be killed by some demons, however. The bit of romance is the cambion named Anthem fell in love with Ester when they were young, because at that time he was posing as a human. 

The convenient thing about this story is that it's in the same timeline as Tartarus. It takes place about 50 years later. Due to a conflict with her Ancestral Mother, Faere, Ester is now "dead". Sort of. She's a fucked up ghost-demon who slaughters humans. Anthem is still alive, heartbroken over his loss of Ester. 70 years back, Ester's Ancestral Father who also happens to be basically Satan, was sent to Earth to bring about the end of the world. He was tricked into doing so by his mate, Faere, while she placed a binding seal on him so that she could rule Tartarus while Nefarious was captured, restrained, and locked out of Tartarus. In the present plot, two girls, Katherine and Manaka, find Nefarious and set him free. Katherine is fully aware of his powers, but she brought Manaka along because she always knew Manaka as absolutely fearless. Katherine's motive is where Ester comes into play. When Ester was turned into a demon by her ancestral mother, she sought revenge on Faere, and went out to seek someone who would set Nefarious free. It took her about 50 years to do so, but she finally found Katherine, a girl who was deep into occult and who hated the world. She used this interest to convince Katherine to set her ancestral father free and ruin her mother's plan. Nefarious was set free, but could not seem to escape the binding spell that was placed on him. He then told Manaka and Katherine that they had 3 months to go into Tartarus and find a way to take him, or break the spell. Or else, he threatened, he would proceed to go through with the end of the world. 

Kalon (Working Title)
I'm actually in the process of  thoroughly developing this one. It has tons of back story.  And I mean TONS. 
Firstly, it takes place on a planet named Kalonice, where everything works a little different from Earth, but still somewhat similar. Our main character is a man named Scott Soryan. His duty in life is to hunt lunatics (people who have gotten possessed) and Witches (people born with supernatural powers). As a part of an organization called M.A.I.A., Scott was assigned to kill a witch who had been devouring other members of his group. He cunningly brought the witch down on his first try, but only because he used his knowledge of her being a lunar witch. Knowing the witch would lose its powers when the sun came up, he held out until dawn and attacked her as she dropped to the ground. When he reached the ground to finish her off he found that she had transformed into a familiar figure. She in the daytime was the "Princess" of Kalonice Palace. She would cure people of possession and heal their pain. He knew he wasn't allowed to bring the head of the princess to M.A.I.A., so he backed off. He reported the news to his superiors, begging for them to give him more time. He still had to murder her. If he didn't, he'd be killed by his own organization. He entered Kalonice Palace, now with a plan to gain their trust so that he could kill the princess as soon as she transformed. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I decided to draw my brawl friends as Pikachus. Yep, I'm a faggot. c: 

Friday, October 8, 2010

A long rant/review. Enjoy the pictures?

After a long day of dressing up and advertising yearbooks, I decided it was time to post another blog. So let's talk about...

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Episode 2A - A Noisy Beehive
[Before..] I can only expect so much from this kind of anime.  Last episode, the morals were completely revolving around things like shitting everywhere and men cumming too fast. But I'm hoping this episode will have more class than the previous episode. 
[After...] Well, awesome. I can't entirely say I was disappointed in this episode. There wasn't so much unnecessary vulgarity. The episode starts off with Garterbelt, the priest, waking up Panty and Stocking. Presumably when they're not being made to do something they're sleeping. In Panty's case she's sleeping with her boytoy of the day. I'm not sure what to think of Stocking falling from the second floor still sitting on the toilet, and her pee splashing onto Garterbelt's umbrella. But whatever. >:| Garterbelt introduces them to Daten High's Principal, who is apparently nameless and unimportant as he is old. Panty points out that he is old and depressing looking. After the Principal begs Panty and Stocking to help save his highschool from a ghost who is kidnapping highschoolers, they kick him around the chapel. They don't like uncool people. Also, the Gir-looking dog thing, Chuck, humps the Principal's unconscious body. 
Oh god, a HIGH SCHOOL episode. And it IS everything I expected it to be, and worse. A very typical anime high school episode.   Before leaving, Garterbelt reminds the two not to make themselves noticable to the school, and you know, being the "KURU", rebellious angels that they are, they do the complete opposite. I honestly think I like Garterbelt the most out of the main characters, which is really sad because he's barely even in the show.
Anyway the next morning at school we see the typical school hallway, with high school kids lingering around their lockers. Panty and Stocking decide to enter the school by crashing their car through the wall and entering the hallway that way. They're wearing school uniforms with the typical short skirts and white short sleeved button shirt complete with a tie. AND SHADES, which makes them look like a couple of TOOLS. They stroll obnoxiously through the hallway as everyone takes pictures of them. They don't notice. They're "kuru", and are used to this sort of thing.  Panty then mentions that she never attended classes because school is a cheap pair of panties. This meaning not only is Panty a gigantic slut, she's an uneducated slut. After talking about this irrelevant subject about angel schools, a ginger kid covered in bees runs down the hallway. Panty says that it looks suspicious and shoots it with her pair of panties that she transforms into a gun. He crashes to the floor free of the bees, and then Panty and Stocking stare at him annoyed, posing like this.  

I enjoy this single shot of Panty. Though, they didn't have to put that stupid woman moan when it showed this frame. 
The Ginger stares in awe of Panty's beauty. "So beautiful..." he says aloud. Panty remains posing and kicks a beehive in that uncool ginger's face, and bees attack him once again. Panty and Stocking laugh at him joking about him being a ghost. Then of course. 

Of course... 

Of course...


In ALL highschools...

We have this character, the "queen" of the school who everybody unquestionably worships for no other reason aside from the speculation that she is beautiful. There's always one. ALWAYS. This time instead of her flunkies surrounding her, they're CARRYING her. On a THRONE.  
Come on, now...
In reality, she's just as much of an arrogant bitch as Panty is, except more "plastic" and less "kuru". The only thing this girl whores around for is attention. And she's much more obnoxious about her arrogance than Panty and Stocking, even though at some points that seems like an impossible feat. She's unrealistically annoying, and the high schoolers cheer for her after she says something as stupid as, "This school belongs to me, Queen Barby. Understood?" Yes, she is named Barbie. And she's wearing a FUCKING CROWN. 
Panty simply yawns and indirectly insults Barby while pointing to her. Then they walk off because they're kuru. Of course, Barby is very upset by this. 

And then we have the stupid fucking montage of Panty and Stocking being better at everything that Barby does, with some Miley Cyrus sounding auto-tune shit playing in the background. 
Then after that cliche, a few nerds talk about how much better Panty and Stocking are than Barby and how they're the new queens. They throw away a bunch of Barby figurines (Because apparently the school has a figurine maker that has the time to sell figurines of a student that doesn't actually matter to anyone else besides the school) and replace them with new Panty and Stocking merchandise that they found... somewhere. 


After that shit, we see a buff man teaching Sex Ed class, where he tells the Daten city youth that if they ever have sex in school, they'll die. Which made me laugh. Then he passes out condoms. Panty makes waste of hers by chewing it up and popping it like gum. The Ginger runs in showing on his Droid a picture of his kidnapped friends' bloodied locker, waving his arms wildly screaming about ghosts. It would have made sense to go to Panty and Stocking's class to report it to them if he knew they were ghost hunters. But he didn't know. So apparently his first thought upon seeing a bloodied locker is to find the nearest Sex Ed class. Anyway he goes out to the school grounds with Panty and Stocking searching for ghosts with a ghostbuster looking backpack. Panty and Stocking are very annoyed with him because he is uncool. They are then attacked by Barby, who, surprise surprise, turns out to be the ghost they were searching for. She's brainwashed her flunkies by putting insects on them. Once Panty and Stocking figure this out they begin shooting the insects off the students' heads.  Soon after she's lost all her flunkies, Barby is defeated. The Ginger then foams at the mouth going crazy because he's found out that Panty and Stocking are ghost hunters. Panty ignores the uncool kid and looks over at the very cool football players, noting how big they are. The episode ends with Panty fucking football players. Hooray!

God, I'm tired already...

Episode 2B - Sex And The Daten City
[Before...] Oh god... that title... I KNOW this is going to be horrible. 
Pfffttt... Where do I start? This completely made up for the vulgarity that was lacking in Episode 2A. 

This episode is bland and tasteless to me. Basically what happens in this episode, is Panty and Stocking SOMEHOW have gotten into the movie business. At their premiere, Panty announces that it wasn't her first movie; after calling the announcer a cocksucker about 5 times anyway. She then pops in a video tape showing her "movie" which is, to no surprise at all, a porn. She brags about it for a long while until Stocking tells her that the knowledge of that film is going to get their movie cancelled. Panty then travels the world destroying every single copy in the world with the help of Stocking. They only keep a single cassette.

One thing I noted in this episode was that there were subtle hints of yuri mixed in for the fans to enjoy. At one point Panty is all over Stocking kissing her face, to which Stocking does the most suggestive looking sigh I've ever seen. And in this shot, where they get the tape, Panty says "We can watch it together sometime." Which almost blatantly hints at yuri.

But anyway, Panty then returns to her premiere, and decides that after Stocking helped her, she's going to cut Stocking completely out of their movie. She then shuns Stocking infront of the crowd, and continues her famous life. Stocking takes the cassette and uploads the movie to YouTube. The episode ends with some guy desperately grabbing a tissue. The End. 

As you can see there's several things I don't like about Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It has so much unnecessary vulgarity in there, and obnoxious cliches. It's simply trying too hard. They attempted to make Panty and Stocking with opposite personalities yet both of them come off as massive tools to me. Stocking's a little more tolerable since she doesn't have that stupid shrewd accent that Panty does when she's angry. 
It's like they were trying to make it so awesome that they ended up making it obnoxious. I love the art, I love the character designs.... I HATE THE WRITING. 

But I'm going to continue keeping an eye on this anime to give it a chance.

I'll see you next episode. Have a nice night!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sexy Sexy Animus

Okay, honestly, even I thought this transformation scene was sexy. And I'm a girl. A straight girl. This is from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, a new anime that has only one episode out so far. It premiered on October 1st, 2010. It's about a town that's victim to evil ghosts. Heaven sent down two angels, Panty and Stocking, to save the town. In reality they were sent down to earth for their poor behavior. Panty is a sex addict and Stocking is addicted to sweets (probably gluttony). It's a very vulgar anime, to be honest, but I want to see what they do with the next few episodes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Almost ready.

Yep, salesweek is already going to be here. I have to wake up at 7:15 to go greet cars n' shit. I just went to the store and bought all my "costume" wear, which was pretty easy to find. I wonder if people will be able to recognize me as Michael Jackson when I dress up as him. I feel like sort of a faggot for participating in such events. We're going to be basically cutting class in order to advertise the year book by dressing up in themes. Well be basically going up to people during lunch saying "Buy a yearbook" and singing and dancing. I hope it won't be as embarrassing as it sounds. I don't want to be the girl in Journalism that says "Fuck no, that's embarrassing" and be all rude, so I'll just go with it and maybe it won't be so bad. So here's what I'm dressing up as to advertise the yearbook this year.

Using this as Scout's hat. Oh well. It.... KIND OF LOOKS LIKE IT 

  • (Monday) Candy Land Theme - Candy Corn; Basically orange skirt, a yellow top layered with a white top. 
  • (Tuesday) Lady Gaga Theme - Yes, I know, it's ridiculous. I'm just going to mess with my hair and put that fucking lightning bolt on my face, and wear fancy clothing. Lady Gaga does that, right?
  • (Wednesday) Ninja Theme - Pretty fucking easy. Wearing all black, Maybe I'll wear my stupid Naruto headband I got when I was thirteen just to make it look like I put some effort into the thing. 
  • (Thursday) Dead Celebrity Theme - If I do this correctly, I'll get to ride in a limo. I'm... KIND of excited about that since I have never been in a limo, but it's pretty ridiculous either way. Anyway, Gonna dress up like Michael Jackson for this one. Hopefully people recognize me. lol. 
  • (Friday) Video Game Day - This one resembles cosplay, which I'm sort of iffy about. I'll be dressed as TF2's scout since he's fairly easy to do. Shit.... I just remembered I forgot dogtags. Oh well. People will get the picture. I had a fair amount of trouble finding the damn hat. I found something at walmart, and though it's not the correct color, I'll go with it since I wasn't willing to search a 4th store for the damned thing. Maybe I can clip off that peace logo. Kind of excited about this one since they'll be having video game tournaments. c: I hope they have brawl.

Anyway... that's uhhh... pretty much it. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Practice makes progress.

Cute stuff. Kind of. 
Shut up, it's cool. 
Doodled more in school today. I started off doing light styled, cute-ish looking things, but I got tired of that fast. Then I started doing eyes, as you can see in the first collection of sketches. Then I got more into detail, did some sketches that have more emotion and detail to them. I never really bothered shading all that much, but I think it looks nice. I think the second one looks better on paper though. I need to start doing more themed sketch dumps, I guess. I remember seeing a 100-theme art challenge somewhere. I think I'll start doodling according to that.