Friday, October 1, 2010

Practice makes progress.

Cute stuff. Kind of. 
Shut up, it's cool. 
Doodled more in school today. I started off doing light styled, cute-ish looking things, but I got tired of that fast. Then I started doing eyes, as you can see in the first collection of sketches. Then I got more into detail, did some sketches that have more emotion and detail to them. I never really bothered shading all that much, but I think it looks nice. I think the second one looks better on paper though. I need to start doing more themed sketch dumps, I guess. I remember seeing a 100-theme art challenge somewhere. I think I'll start doodling according to that. 


  1. You really like drawing eyes >:Ic

  2. I don't really know why, but your drawings remind me of Rozen Maiden... Not- Not that I watched it or anything...

  3. This is decent stuff. Make sure to keep on practicing.