Sunday, October 3, 2010

Almost ready.

Yep, salesweek is already going to be here. I have to wake up at 7:15 to go greet cars n' shit. I just went to the store and bought all my "costume" wear, which was pretty easy to find. I wonder if people will be able to recognize me as Michael Jackson when I dress up as him. I feel like sort of a faggot for participating in such events. We're going to be basically cutting class in order to advertise the year book by dressing up in themes. Well be basically going up to people during lunch saying "Buy a yearbook" and singing and dancing. I hope it won't be as embarrassing as it sounds. I don't want to be the girl in Journalism that says "Fuck no, that's embarrassing" and be all rude, so I'll just go with it and maybe it won't be so bad. So here's what I'm dressing up as to advertise the yearbook this year.

Using this as Scout's hat. Oh well. It.... KIND OF LOOKS LIKE IT 

  • (Monday) Candy Land Theme - Candy Corn; Basically orange skirt, a yellow top layered with a white top. 
  • (Tuesday) Lady Gaga Theme - Yes, I know, it's ridiculous. I'm just going to mess with my hair and put that fucking lightning bolt on my face, and wear fancy clothing. Lady Gaga does that, right?
  • (Wednesday) Ninja Theme - Pretty fucking easy. Wearing all black, Maybe I'll wear my stupid Naruto headband I got when I was thirteen just to make it look like I put some effort into the thing. 
  • (Thursday) Dead Celebrity Theme - If I do this correctly, I'll get to ride in a limo. I'm... KIND of excited about that since I have never been in a limo, but it's pretty ridiculous either way. Anyway, Gonna dress up like Michael Jackson for this one. Hopefully people recognize me. lol. 
  • (Friday) Video Game Day - This one resembles cosplay, which I'm sort of iffy about. I'll be dressed as TF2's scout since he's fairly easy to do. Shit.... I just remembered I forgot dogtags. Oh well. People will get the picture. I had a fair amount of trouble finding the damn hat. I found something at walmart, and though it's not the correct color, I'll go with it since I wasn't willing to search a 4th store for the damned thing. Maybe I can clip off that peace logo. Kind of excited about this one since they'll be having video game tournaments. c: I hope they have brawl.

Anyway... that's uhhh... pretty much it. 

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